Slide Grow Pharma Grow Pharma was established by Grow Biotech and IPS Pharma, combining cannabis sector expertise with 18 years’ experience manufacturing and importing unlicensed medicines.

On 1 November 2018, the UK government rescheduled Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs) allowing specialist doctors to prescribe cannabis medicines for patients with unmet
clinical needs. We provide support for healthcare professionals to help them understand this new class of medicine as well as providing access to a wide range of CBMPs available from our exclusive global suppliers.
Slide Grow Biotech Grow Biotech exists to unlock the medical potential of cannabis for those who need it. Their team of cannabis-dedicated chemists and biochemists provide a unique in-house capability to address questions about the complex chemical constituents of cannabis medicines. Grow Biotech’s R&D team creates new technologies for medical cannabis producers to create better, more cost-effective, medicines. Slide IPS Pharma IPS Pharma is a pharmaceutical importer, distributor and manufacturer with over 18 years of experience with unlicensed and licensed medicines. They ensure patients receive medicine for their unmet clinical needs by providing ethical, compliant and timely access to quality assured pharmaceutical products.

Our Team



Cannabis thought leader, one of first UK investors into cannabis in 2016 before founding Grow Biotech in 2017. Previously spent 12 years as an Investment Banker at JPMorgan.

CEO  | Grow Biotech


Van Weperen

Operational and strategic leader with significant successes in running £50->200m businesses both in the pharmaceutical industry and services.

CCO  | Grow Biotech



Former practicing pharmacist with over 40 years experience building businesses in the pharmaceutical sector. Extensive experience in all aspects of market access - unlicensed and licensed.

Co-founder  | IPS Pharma



Over 30 years experience establishing international markets in the pharmaceutical sector - unlicensed and licensed - with senior roles at Intertech, Idis, Schering Plough, and Bio Products Laboratory.

CEO  | IPS Pharma



Extensive background in the Pharmaceutical industry with experience working in the unlicensed and generics medicines markets.

Medical Solutions Partner | Grow Pharma



Medical Science Liaison with a background in Clinical Pharmacology. Experienced in medical affairs covering a range of therapeutic areas.

Medical Science Liaison  | Grow Pharma