Grow Biotech and Logist welcome changes to medical cannabis import rules in the UK

Alex FraserNews

This is a major step for Grow Biotech in its mission to enable access to cannabis medicines to patients who need them.   On Monday 2nd March, the UK government announced changes to the rules on importing cannabis-based medication. Grow Biotech’s CEO Ben Langley met with UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock and key industry leaders to discuss improving patient access to … Read More

2019 Year End Review


After successfully fulfilling multiple prescriptions with the UK’s first bulk import of medicinal cannabis, and importing an array of different products shortly after, we established an integrated solution with our partner IPS Pharma, incorporating Logist Pharma in April this year. There have been exciting developments in the UK medical cannabis sector since the medication’s rescheduling in November 2018. However, it hasn’t been without its challenges.