Althea signs medicinal cannabis supply agreement with UK’s Grow Pharma

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Australian pharmaceutical company Althea Group Holdings Limited (ASX:AGH) (‘Althea’ or ‘the Company’) is pleased to announce it has executed a Medicinal Cannabis Supply Agreement (‘agreement‘) with UK-based Grow Pharma to import, sell and distribute Althea products in the UK. Grow Pharma (a joint venture of Grow Biotech and IPS Pharma) is the leading independent UK distributor of reliable cannabis-based products for … Read More

Telehealth: A lifeline in uncertain times – for patients prescribed cannabis medicines and those seeking to access these life-changing treatments.

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The use of telecommunication techniques in the healthcare sector has gained traction in the past two decades. However, never before has the need for remote access to healthcare been so critically apparent to the wider community.  The need to travel in order to see a healthcare provider significantly impacts health outcomes for those outside of the UK’s major cities, and … Read More

Misconceptions in the field of cannabis medicines – It’s high time we set them straight

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There have been murmurings it seems, across many areas of the UK healthcare landscape in the last year, around cannabis medicines.  A media hot topic, this ancient plant has been receiving more focus than ever with changes to regulations driving a lot of the interest. Whilst the fire of conversation burns, we must ask whether this increase in attention has … Read More

The role of the GP in cannabis medicines – How to support your patients

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Logist pharma was set up to support access to cannabis medicines for those who need it. We specialise in education and support for healthcare professionals to help them navigate the system and understand what role they can play for their patients. A recent YouGov poll showed that in the UK an estimated 1.4 million patients are taking illegally sourced cannabis … Read More