Available, accessible and increasingly affordable – Growing our portfolio of cannabis medicines in difficult times

Pierre Van WeperenThoughts

In a world dominated by Corona virus, self-isolation, lock-downs and stockpiling, first of all it is important to state that cannabis medicines are as accessible as ever.  Based on a recent YouGov poll there are at least 1 million people in the UK already using cannabis for medicinal purposes. Illegally. Other research indicates that, based on incidence of diseases, there … Read More

10 things UK patients are saying about Cannabis Medicines on prescription

Alex FraserThoughts

On 14th February 2019 Logist Pharma facilitated the first bulk import of cannabis medicines into the UK. One year on from this momentous milestone we have been spending some time speaking directly to patients, some in possession of a private prescription and others who are not. With compliance rules limiting the ability for anyone truly in-the-know to publish specifics around … Read More